Midway through the season the number 2 team in Merseyside (and I’m not talking about Everton here) are clinging on to top spot with the Cityzens playing catch up and “future Mancunian” Mr Pochettino keeping the seat warm for Spurs’ next AVB in third. At least while Liverpool are sitting at the top of the tree, it does mean Stride’s MD Richard Lovegrove is generally in a better mood around the office…Some managers have lost their way during the season and the likes of Jose Mourinho and Slavisa Jokanovic have been sacked. The ‘Tinker Man’ has returned to the Premier League with Fulham and Man Utd have a secondment in the 1999 treble winner and winning Champions League goal Scorer, Ole Gunnar Solklkkjhdfjkhdear, chosen from United’s Norway schools feeder club.

The Stride Broker League should consider ejecting some underperforming managers too! Christopher Reed, the manager of Sportssnapper 6.0 and Stride’s Renewals Underwriter, has not been pulling up any trees. But being a Southampton fan, he is used to languishing at the foot of the table.

Maybe Stride Marketing Director Jonathan Walker, can take over from Pochettino at Spurs when Poch inevitably ascends to heaven (i.e. goes to Man Utd as manager)? After all, they have their own stadium to play in, but much like Brexit, it is taking just as long and upsetting about as many people.

We should get a hashtag trending for the eventual Wembley Exit – #Wexit

Meanwhile will it “no deal” for Toby Alderweireld? I believe in going green and Poch can save petrol by bringing him to Old Trafford when he drives up in May.

Just like the top 4 and a bit in the real league, a bunch of familiar faces are chasing the Fantasy League title. One of the previous winners, Steve Millar, and Clive Bevan are pushing the likes of David Bramley-Harker.

It’s all gone quiet over here, as players from Stride are not really troubling the leaders at this stage.

The best we can do is Connor Grigg in 18th, and much like Solskjaer, we are not really sure if he’s going back to school next week.

Late surge anyone? I’ll get my scarf.

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